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How To Measure

This page is to show you how to go about measuring to get the best fit possible

First off you should get a few t-shirt and try them on and see how they would fit. Get a few that fit different tightness. Then lay them down to measure them like shown, this will be the "Across Measurement". You then need to multiply that measurements by two and this will give the "Waist Measurements". You should find shirts that are around the sizes below to achieve the correct fitness .

Remember once they are washed they will shrink by about four inches in the waist, or two inches Across.

                      New                       After Washed

                Waist / Across            Waist / Across

X-Small     28"      14"                  24"          12"

Small         32"      16"                  28"          14"

Medium     36"      18"                  32"          16"

Large         40"      20"                  36"          18"

X-Large     44"       22"                 40"          20"

2 X-Large  48"       24"                 44"          22"

To get your height measurements....

Take a measuring tape and hold the end to your chest. Let it drop to the floor and push it thru your legs, up your back, and over your shoulder to the front.  Let it drop down and hold the one end against the tape. Take the measurements from there..

Then you need to divide what that measurement is by two. You should do it this way because the butt can add a few inches onto your measurement.

Remember the two measurements that we have that are measured this way are....

Remember once they are washed they will shrink by about two inches from crotch to shoulder, or four inches total for front and back.

                                     New    After Washed

Regular Length =    31" / 62"        29" / 58"

Tall Length =           37" / 74"        35" / 70"

Across measurements

With these being %100 cotton, these will shrink "See below"

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