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The BetterDry is manufacture by the same company that manufactures the Crinklz Diapers.
See right for quantity you receive for each size.
If you are unaware of the size of the diaper to purchase, we suggest you purchase a Sample Kit first to be certain they fit well.
These diapers acquisition speed, wetness distribution, liquid retention and odor protection of this product are superior to the ConfiDry 24/7 diapers.


Just like all diapers some tapes do pop loose. We do not guarantee any diapers that the tapes that do pop loose like any diaper suppliers don't do also.

Diapers Disposable BetterDry W/4 Tapes - 60 Case

Excluding Sales Tax
  • 60 Count Case - 4/15 Count Packs


    These diapers are very bulky and extra absorbent. They are suitable for heavy to very heavy forms of incontinence. They will give your little side a nice padded bottom. They come with two tapes on each side. The BetterDry diapers come in boxes that contain four polybags. Each polybag which contains 15 diapers for both size Medium and Large. The box has a discreet print on the top that will be covered by the shipping label so that your neighbors will not know what is in it.


    Manufaterd by Thrust Vector Ltd. Germany for Comfy Care Products


    Features are: 

    Extra absorbency designed for night time use.

    Printed PE (plastic) outer cover, latex free.

    Improved refastenable flex tape tabs for easy refastening.

    Stretch elastic waistband in the front and in the back.

    Soft elastic standing leg cuffs for comfort and extra protection.

    Odor protection.


    Available Sizes:

    Medium - Fits waist of 29-43 inches,

    Absorbency is 4394 ML, Weight 212 Grams


    Large - Fits waist of 43-59 inches.

    Absorbency is 5128 ML. Weight 237 Grams


  • Our number one goal is customer satisfaction. You must email us for a RA number before returning product. If you do not you will not get credit for the return. We only will accept any un-opened packs.

    If for any reason you are not satisfied with our product return the unopen portion for store credit. Only any packs that are not open can be returned. Due to FDA regulation, we cannot accept anything that is opened.

    Since we do recommend that you try a sample pack first. Returned postage will be paid by the customer. Also, a restocking fee for the amount of the shipping charges that we paid to ship them to you will be deducted from the amount you paid. Only store credit will be issued for returns. Tapes popping loose are not considered to be a defect like all diaper suppliers do.

    If the diapers are defective any returns will be accepted. You still must send an email to receive a RA number. If you do not, you will not get credit for the return.

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