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News Updates

With us getting a lot of inquiries we have decided to put this page up to keep everyone informed of any news we have.



We have created a customer account area, where you can view and track all of your orders that are placed after 12/10/18.

But remember you must join it to be able to view and track your orders from the site.


This area will allow you to sign up with your email, Facebook or Google+ accounts.

It offers express checkout when you save your shipping and payment details.

It makes it easy to track orders, view past purchases and download digital products.

It also will help us send you special offers and discounts.



We have gotten four new color pacifiers in and sales will start next week on them. These colors are Purple,  Orange, Yellow, and Mint Green.


We also have three more colors being manufactured and should be in next month some time. These colors should be light pink, light purple , and coffee.



As mentioned on 09/03/16 our plain white BetterDry Diapers have arrived and start sales tomorrow.


Our BetterDry plain white diapers will be in on 10/01/2016 with sales starting the same day. They will come in the same quantities as the Crinklz Diapers




The Bodysuits/Onesies in white has arrived and we are taking pictures and posting them. Sales will start 9/26/2016. If sales do well we hope to get them in different colors.

A new shipment of Crinklz Diapers have been ordered and has been shipped to us.



We have gotten three new colors of Nuke 6 Pacifiers in and hope to get others in.



We have started to sell Nuke 6 Pacifiers. The manufacture only three colors available as of now. We want to get many other colors in. We will get other colors in when they come available. We are offering free shipping on them.




The FDA has passed the shipment and sales on the diapers will begin at 12:01 AM on Monday February 1st as planned. Remember we do not know what our sales will be so they will be on a first come, first get basis. Once out the item will show as "Out Of Stock". When we get a handle on what our sales will be we should not run out.


We also have posted the prices for the diapers on our site.



Shipment on the Crinklz Diapers has arrived at the Baltimore import terminals. It's is being held up for FDA inspection and we are hoping it will pass for sales on the diapers to start on February 1st. 


We will also be selling the plain white BetterDry diapers that will arrive on our second shipment which we hope will arrive sometime in March.


We have found a supplier for the body suits and they will start manufacturing them. We will keep you inform on the progress of them. Remember they will resemble an infant’s onesie perfectly.


We are still searching for a supplier for our footed pajamas.



We have gotten confirmation that the shipment has left and is headed on its long journey across the Atlantic Ocean to the Baltimore Import Docks. The journey will be about a month and expected to arrive in Maryland on or about 1/25/2015. If all goes well and the FDA doesn’t hold up the shipment, we expect to start sales on the diapers sometime early February. With all the inquiries that we are getting and with taking a month to get the shipment, quantities might be limited to first come first serve. So if you like to be one of the first to get them we suggest not to wait to place your order once they go on sale. Register to receive our News Letter, because anyone who receives our News Letter will be the first to know when they go up for sale. We still do not have a price on the diapers due to still getting unknown charges to get the diapers here. We do plan to have free shipping within the 48 states and DC in the USA, excluding Alaska & Hawaii



Diapers are in production and expected to ship some time around 12/30/2015 by container to the import docks here in the USA.



The manufacture has suspended production of their diapers to discuss some changes in their design. They are improving the leak guards and the tapes. The manufacture are using longer tapes (71mm) instead of the ones which were used on their earlier diapers. They will also have better adhesive power. Secondly, the leak guards and other sealant elements, will be optimized.


We also found out that they are also changing the print some. See pictures of the new print through out our website.

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